You Were Right!

Cassandra, I know people find what you say hard to believe – myself included. Then last Friday the Washington Post ran an article entitled You can filter the Boeing 737 Max 9 out of your flight search. Some specifics:

  • Kayak offers a specific aircraft filter, which can now distinguish between the Max 8 and the Max 9.
  • Alaska and United are currently offering change and cancel waivers for those booked on the Max 9.

Just like you said, Cassandra. Then today the Guardian published Ex-Boeing manager would ‘absolutely not’ fly 737 Max after cabin panel blowout.

  • Ed Pierson, former senior manager on Boeing’s 737 program, said : I would absolutely not fly a Max airplane. I’ve worked in the factory where they are built, and I saw the pressure the employees were under to rush the planes out the door. I tried to get them to shut down before the first crash.
  • Joe Jacobsen, an engineer who worked at Boeing for a decade before 1995, said: I would tell my family to avoid the Max. I would tell everyone, really.

So no – it’s not just the anonymous whistle blower. Stuff is starting to leak out. And I have told my own family to avoid the Max. All Maxes.


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